Bezoar Ibex

Order:  Artiodactyla Family:  Bovidae Subfamily:  Caprinae Genus:  Capra Specie:  Capra aegagrus Subspecie:  Capra aegagrus aegagrus Body height: 2,46-3,28 ft / 75-100 cm Weight: 187- 264 lb / 85-120 kg

The Bezoar ibex is known particularly for the size of its horns; they possess the world’s longest horns in relation to body weight. Bezoars average about 140 pounds, and their horns can grow as long as 55″.Females are slightly smaller, and their horns tend to grow to a mere 11″. Males have a dark brown summer coat, while the females have a more reddish-gold, and both sexes shift to a grey colored coat in the winter. Both sexes also have a «goatee,» a tuft of hair extending from the chin.

The Ibexes have a black stripe from the spine that extends over the shoulder, limbs, and neck. This stripe darkens as the Ibexes are in the mating season.


The bezoar goat is found in the mountains of Asia Minor and across the Middle East. Turkey



Lodging is provided in hotels and rural houses very close to the hunting area where you can enjoy wonderful meals.


Hunting is done by stalking in private game reserves.


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