For some time now, there is only one thing which has not changed: our passion for the hunt
About us

a few lines about Ibex Zone

Once more, we have climbed a few meters in this wall of stone, on the other side of this peak the huge ibex will be waiting us!

Don’t you think these words are charged of power and energy? Yess! We want to live experiences like these ones every year as much as possible. It only depends on you to be a part of these adventures. Contact us, the mountains are calling you!

We would like to share our hunting experience with you, and we offer the best Ibex Hunt of the world (please visit our web site).
In the same way, we can make several combinations visiting different countries just in one trip, you won’t have to worry about anything, we will be responsible for everything and our aim is that you enjoy the maximum and of course that you could hang your Ibex in your trophy room.

We always follow the same line of business and our partners in the Ibex World are professional and serious. It’s a pleasure for us to adapt to your needs, and be always at your side

Discover the blend of the adventures hunting ibex with us.


Fernando Nomdedeu
Ibex Zone Sales Manager and PH

Our Team

If you allow our team to assess you, you will have an unforgettable experience, you will enjoy hunting in a much more intense way

team image
Jesús Ballester
Manager & Forest Engineer
Master degree in Hunting Research Resources and professional hunter since 2009.
His passion for hunting and nature was the motivating force and contribution to study, research and work in such a special field, trying to find the highest stability between hunting and conservation. Going out to hunt, enjoying beautiful landscapes and the people who live there, makes you feel part of this fantastic environment creating a stronger link between man and nature.
Fernando Nomdedeu
Sales Manager & Professional Hunter
I have walked for days and days through the mountains looking for the majestic Beceite Ibex traces and guiding national and international hunters along these wonderful landscapes.
I wish everyone could enjoy and achieve their objectives.
Nowadays, several years after, the passion for mountain, nature, and hunting continues..and I keep going the same and unique way: Hunting
team image
María José
Office Assistant
Iván Heady
Hunting and Fishing Guide
Hunting Dog
Hunting Dog

Our references list is made available for potential clients of Ibex Zone Group. We provide references upon request to serious clients only. We like to protect the privacy of our clients.

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