Ronda Spanish Ibex

Order:  Artiodactyla Suborder: Ruminants Family:  Bovidae Genus:  Capra Specie:  Capra Pyrenaica Subspecie:  Capra Pyrenaica Hispanica Body height: 1,96-2,78 ft / 60-85 cm Weight: 110-132 lb / 50-60 kg

The smallest type of Spanish ibex with the smallest horns. Overall color is a light brown. It´s fur is quite short clear-brown colour and black on its back. His body is the smallest one.

The horns resemble those of an Alpine ibex, typically growing upward in a V-shape, then backward with a spiral turn of only 90 degrees (grow straight and they end in a curve form.). Horn thickness is constant for half the length, then decreases gradually to the broomed tips.

While this is the typical Ronda horn conformation, other horn shapes may be found in this region and even in the same herd. The horns are ringed with a wrinkle surface and grow proportionately with age: one ring per year.


South Spanish mountains. Ronda Ibex is hunted in the mountains of Malaga province, in Andalucia region.



Lodging is provided in hotels and rural houses close to the hunting area where you can enjoy wonderful meals.


Hunting is done by stalking in private game reserves.

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