Kri Kri Ibex

Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Subfamily: Caprinae
Genus: Capra
Species: Capra aegagrus
Subspecies: Capra aegagrus Cretica Capra hircus Cretica
Body height: 32 inches  / 82 cm. Weight: 100- 140 lb /  45-65 kg.

The bezoar is a handsome, relatively slender animal with blackish-brown markings that contrast with the lighter overall color. Summer coat is reddish-brown, turning ashy gray in winter in adult males. Underparts and back of legs are white. The dark blackish areas include a dorsal stripe, shoulder stripes, flank stripes, front of legs, chest, tail, throat, face and beard. Callouses develop on the knees and sometimes on the chest. Males are characterized by large, scimitar-shaped, laterally compressed horns. The front edge is a sharp keel with a number of bold, sharp-edged, widely separated knobs. The female has short, slender horns and no beard; it is colored brownish-tan at all seasons, with a dark stripe from eye to muzzle.


SCI designates the Kri-Kri’s hunted on the Mediterranean Islands, mainly in Greece, Bosnia-Hercegovina ,Macedonia and Croatia, as «Indigenous.» All other Kri-Kri hunted in Europe, namely in estates on the mainland are defined by SCI as «Non-Indigenous.»


Lodging is provided in hotels into the hunting areas.


Hunting is arranged by stalking in private áreas.

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