Gredos Spanish Ibex

Order:  Artiodactyla Suborder: Ruminants Family:  Bovidae Genus:  Capra Specie:  Capra Cyrenaica Subspecie:  Capra Cyrenaica Victoriae Body height: 2,46-3,28 ft / 75-100 cm Weight: 188- 265 lb / 85-120 kg

Gredos Ibexes are strong mountainous animals characterized by their large and flexible hooves and short legs. These physical adaptations allow them to be able to run and leap on bare, rocky and rough slopes. His body is strong and robust. This ibex has the darkest colour skin.

Males´ horns are big, ringed and with a wrinkle surface. The horns rise vertically and lean out and back in a lyre form with the top inwards. While this is the typical Gredos horn conformation, other horn shapes may be found in this region and even in the same herd.

The horns grow proportionately with age: one ring per year.


Central Spanish mountains:” Sierra de Gredos”.



Lodging is provided in hotels very close to the hunting area.


Hunting is arranged by stalking in National Reserves and in private game reserves.

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