Beceite Spanish Ibex

Order:  Artiodactyla Suborder: Ruminants Family:  Bovidae Genus:  Capra Specie:  Capra Pyrenaica Specie:  Capra Pyrenaica Hispanica Body height: 2,46-3,28 ft / 75-100 cm Weight: 187- 264 lb / 85-120 kg

The Beceite Ibex in particular is the most impressive type because of its most spectacular horns due to their considerable spread and size. They lives in groups, in separate herds, one composed of females and young males and another one composed of adult males. The male group only approaches the female group during the rutting season and it is at this time (November – December) when spectacular fights can be observed between adult males for group hierarchy.

Ibex fur in summer is quite short dark-grey colour, but in winter the fur becomes longer with black marks on its back. His body is strong and robust. Both, males and females have horns, but females ones are smaller.

Males´ horns are big, ringed and with a wrinkle surface. The horns rise vertically and lean out in a very open way. While this is the typical Beceite horn conformation, other horn shapes may be found in this region and even in the same herd. The horns grow proportionately with age: one ring per year.


North-East of Spain: “Puertos de Tortosa-Beceite” and Maestrazgo in Castellón – Teruel.



Lodging is provided in hotels and rural houses very close to the hunting area where you can enjoy wonderful meals.


Hunting is done by stalking in private game reserves. We have 55.000 hectares of own management in Castellón Province.

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